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During this 14-day free trial you will receive access to all key features including your initial Exploration. There are no contracts so you’re free to cancel whenever you want.

Plans are designed to help you focus your intentions and aspirations, and provide momentum towards achieving  them. 

The overarching, integral STREAM Intention is to live mindfully
After that, you could focus on being more mindful about just about anything you want, for a new business venture, writing a novel or establishing a meditation practice (more Intention examples here).

ASPIRATIONS: career, direction & purpose
COMMUNICATIONS: relationships & parenting
ORGANISATION: planning & time management
WELLBEING: health, fitness & emotions

Your Intention can change, develop and grow with you.

    What’s included?


    An initial online or face-to-face session to investigate what areas you’d like to explore and focus on and how (approx. 1 hour).


    After your Exploration we will put together your Intention. If you continue past the free trial, you’ll receive an Intention card in the post.


    I will contact you regularly with generic and personal reminders, suggested material, inspiration and accountability.


    Every week I will send you a short, mindful Exercise to deepen your practice.


    Contact me for any mindful help, advice or Support via email. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 


    These group sessions hold you accountable to taking some Space for yourself with a community of like-minded people.


    Regular news, offers, updates, articles, reviews and recommendations. (This feature is for all subscribers).

    Catchups (variable):

    Catchup sessions for ongoing focus and momentum (approx. 30 mins).

    Which plan?

    Essentially, the purpose of plans are to establish a mindset or intention, and then hold you accountable to keeping that mindset or intention.

    So what works really well is to start with one of the higher plans and then decrease slowly down through the plans as feels right for you, settling eventually in FLOW. Whatever plan you’re on, extra Catchups can always be added for the standard price of £20. If you’re not sure what plan you need, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs further.

    Sign up via the PayPal button below. You will receive a confirmation from PayPal immediately, and then instructions from THE STREAM telling you how to book your Exploration within 48 hours. Please contact me if you’d rather pay for a few months up front.

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    Per Month
    • All key features
    • Weekly Catchup sessions

    Monthly subscription:
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    Per Month
    • All key features
    • Fortnightly Catchup sessions

    Monthly subscription:
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    Per Month
    • All key features
    • Monthly Catchup sessions

    Monthly subscription:
    (with 14-day free trial)



    Per Month
    • All key features
    • No Catchup sessions included

    Monthly subscription: 
    (with 14-day free trial)

      WHOLE, MIDDLE & ESSENTIAL plans are limited to ensure high levels of care and attention. FLOW plans are unlimited, but Catchups are subject to availability.

      I currently have space to take on:

      Simple, honest pricing…

      There are no deals, catches, hooks or tricks, just straight-forward pricing: 

      • £5 for key features
      • £20 per Catchup session

      The different plans purely reflect how much interaction you’d like with me.

      Key features

      Everyone gets these key features:

      • an initial Exploration
      • an Intention card
      • regular Momentum
      • a weekly Exercise
      • full email Support
      • Space sessions
      • Thoughts


      Then you decide how many monthly Catchups you want. 

      On the FLOW plan you can book Catchups as and when you need them. This plan is great for an established mindset that needs minimal support.

      If you interested in plans but struggling financially, please contact me to discuss your situation.

      There are no contracts – you can switch or cancel plans whenever you want. 

      If you have any further questions about plans, please get in touch.

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